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  • Learn modern javascript in 10 simple ways

  • 1. Template Strings String interpolation before was done with the + operator in javascript, now you can use the template strings  called backticks and ${variable} to add a variable to the string. This allows you to interpolate variables with strings easily. The backticks button is to left of 1 on t[...]
  • Try to Code Without Loops

  • Đọc và xem cốt đê =]], Cấm phân tâm hình gái. Challenge #1: Compute the sum of a list of numbers Let’s say we have an array of numbers and we need to compute the sum of these numbers. Here is an example to test with: [crayon-5f077db1495a6407657003/] Here is a solution using a loop: [crayon-5[...]
  • MultiThreading in C#

  • There are two distinct types of multitasking: process-based and thread-based. It is important to understand the difference between the two.  Process is what the operating system uses to facilitate the execution of a program by providing the resources required. Each process has a unique process[...]
  • Breaking Singleton questions you may get in interviews

  • Even though we avoided multiple instance creation of singleton class by using Double checked locking or Eager instance creation, instances can still be created by : – cloning – reflection – Sub-classing singleton class How to avoid Singleton instance creation by cloning ? We can create a copy o[...]

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