What is Boostnote? – the notepad designed for programmers


What’s Boostnote?

Boostnote is an Open source note-taking app for programmers.
We have got over 4,300 stars at GitHub 🌟

Open source note-taking app for programmer

Most note-taking apps are not made for programmers.

Boostnote is niche tool because designed for programmers, but we are passionate for it.

It focuses on writing Markdown note and code snippet quickly, can organized in a better way.

You can sync data to multi-devices(Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS) via Dropbox.

Boostnote is not an app suitable for everyone, it ‘s a handy note-taking app for programmers.

Boostnote has two main features.

Markdown note

Since Boostnote is a Markdown editor, mainly write with markdown.

Content is automatically saved while editing notes.

Since preview could be viewed with one touch, you can immediately check the Markdown preview you are writing.

Snippet note

In the code snippet, you can highlight code syntax in over 100 languages ​​such as Javascript, Python, HTML, etc., and save multiple code snippets in one note.

The indent and tab size can be set from the editor window.

Download Boostnote here

Supporting for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

Ubuntu users can download the 64-bit installer from the following website.

Enjoy Boostnote 😆


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